Call for Symposia

You are welcome to submit your symposia proposals for the ISEE 2023 conference program! 

Submission system for symposia proposals is now closed.

Click Here for the ISEE 2023 Symposium Proposal Form

Guidelines for symposium proposals:

  1. Each symposium should be planned for a 90-minute slot.
  2. There should be two co-chairs for each symposium.
  3. The symposium structure should be built with a number of presentations and a question & answer section at the end. Ideally, 4, 5, or 6 presenters should be preferred to provide enough time allocation for each presenter and the Q&A section at the end. (e.g., for 4 presenters: you can have 18 min. for each presentation + 18 min. Q&A or for 5 presenters: you can have 15 min. for each presentation + 15 min. Q&A or for 6 presenters: you can have 12 min. for each presentation + 18 min. Q&A)
  4. As usual, the chairs and speakers of the symposia will be required to complete their registrations while covering their registration fees when the registration system is open.
  5. The below information is being collected within this proposal submission form. Therefore, we would recommend you to keep these details ready before starting your submission process, and simply copy & paste those details into the form where they are asked to be entered: 
    • Symposium organizer & their contact details
    • Proposed title for the symposium with maximum 40 words
    • Abstract of the symposium with maximum 300 words 
    • 2 co-chairs & up to 6 presenters with their contact details 
    • Titles for each presentation & their brief descriptions with maximum 100 words
    • Relevance between talks and to the conference theme "Connecting the East and the West, One Health in One Planet" with maximum 100 words

Should you need any technical assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the communication channels below:

Organizing Secretariat: Kenes Group, M+ Office
Mr. Emre Kose, Scientific Program Coordinator: